Financial Life Hack: How To Save On Home Repair Costs

Most homeowners don’t do this…

Save on home repair costs

We know you don’t allocate a part of your income to save for home repair and maintenance costs.

How do we know? Because most people don’t.

The last thing on a homeowner’s mind is home repairs. So, they don’t think about it. The only time repairs are thought about is when repairs are needed. And when major, life-interrupting repairs are needed, it is usually the only thing that’s on the mind of the homeowner.

Imagine your central A/C system breaks during the peak of hot, humid, Hawaii summer days. You can’t help but think about repairing your A/C. And if the cost to repair your air conditioning system is $3,671.03, that’s all you’ll be thinking and stressing about.

That anxiety and stress in the pit of your sweaty tummy (because it’s so hot in your house) makes you think about ways to pay for the repair or the headache of having to pay for a $3k+ repair bill.

How could this have been prevented? Well, things don’t last forever so you can’t stop things from breaking. Something will eventually need repairs in your home.

Allocating a part of your income is one way you can prepare for breakage and the depreciation of your properties. Take a part of your household income and put it aside in your personal “Home Repair Rainy Day Fund.”

But, there is a better way to save on your home repairs that most people don’t know – sign up for a home warranty.

A home warranty will help you save on your home repair costs. That $3,000 bill could be wiped away if you’ve purchased a home warranty, especially an Armor Home Warranty.

To learn more about home warranties click here. For why choose Armor Home Warranty, click here.

In any case, having your home protected with a home warranty is a way to prevent the home repair cost headaches when home systems like your A/C go down.

Don’t delay. Purchase an Armor Home Warranty today!

All you have to do is:

1. Purchase an Armor Home Warranty protection to save on future home repairs.
2. After 30 days of purchase, if you need a repair, simply call our local call center at 808-400-4577 to submit your claim.
3. Schedule.
4. Relax! A Handy Andy Hawaii (our home repair partners) team member will be there to serve you!

That’s it!

Click Here to view complete limits of liability and any exclusions. AHW offers service contracts which are not warranties.
** See policy for specifics on response times.
***AHW reserves the right to offer cash back in lieu of repair or replacement in the amount of AHW’s actual cost (which at times may be less than retail) to repair or replace any covered system, component or appliance.

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Beth D. Avatar

5 star rating We so appreciate the professionalism and great work from Handy Andy.

We had a bunch of random jobs, spread over a few days: including cleaning and staining ceiling soffits, small tree root removal from rock walls, replacing a torn mesh screen (they even built a scaffold to reach it), fixing sticky doors, replacing a lock, fixing faucets and installing garage shelving.

They were extremely prompt and responsive. I received texts and calls notifying me about estimates, arrival times and scheduling. Their online system for quotes and payment is easy to use.

Love that there is a team of guys to get the job done efficiently! Thanks to Nathan, Matteo, Sean, Bryce, Andy and Jordan for fantastic work, and for your service!

Beth D. 12/02/2017

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